Friday, April 15, 2011

UFO Bust Progress

This week was a big step forward toward completing a UFO.

I basted my quilt.

This is the first top I ever pieced. It is from a beginning piecing class taught at Quiltique (in Henderson, NV) based on a book by Alex Anderson. Of course, I changed up the pattern. I thought why spend all this time on a teeny quilt that won’t even cover you up. I made extra blocks and added sashing and cornerstones. It’s been hanging on my wall for almost 2 and a half years. *hangs head in shame*

I found this fabric in my closet and decided that it would be the perfect backing. I have no clue what it is. It feels like faux suede. It is very heavy and super soft. It will give My First Quilt some depth and heft.


Hopefully it won’t ruin the quilt.

If it does, then I learned something. If it doesn’t, I have a nice warm quilt.

Basting was a pain. Literally.

I basted it on our kitchen floor. We have a tiny apartment galley kitchen. It is long and narrow. There was about a half an inch on either side between the quilt and the wall. The backing is just a hair bigger than the quilt top. I duct-taped the backing to the kitchen floor, then sprayed it with basting spray. I put the batting down and smoothed everything out. I know you are supposed to spray the batting. I think I had a good reason for doing that, but it escapes me now. I sprayed the batting then smoothed the top on. I was putting in some pins to secure all the layers when I realized that the top and back weren’t lining up. So I pulled it apart and did it again. Luckily, the backing is so heavy that the basting spray couldn’t hold it well.

Of course, after looking at this quilt for over 2 years I finally decide to baste it on a week-night about an hour before bed. By the time I got everything repositioned correctly I couldn’t stay up any longer to secure everything with pins. My back and knees were so sore. I folded it up and draped it over my sewing chair.

Maybe this weekend I can decide how to quilt it and get started!

And on a completley unrelated note: Aren't these the most beautiful radishes you've ever seen?! We got a new grocery store in our neighborhood full of fresh, affordable produce. These are the healthiest radishes I've ever eaten.


  1. Bless you... working on the floor like that would kill my knees or back or both. I use a folding cardboard cutting board on my dining room table. Clip the backing and batting to the board with those big binder clips. Still kills my back pinning but much easier to stand up periodically and move around. Of course the bigger-than-throw-size quilts go to the LAQ.

    Your quilt top is lovely... looking forward to seeing the finished product!

  2. Yah, basting is tough because you just want to get past it to the good stuff like quilting it.

  3. Good luck with your project - that quilt deserves to be finished and keeping you warm.

    Love the radishes - can't wait until we start having farm markets open here in southwest Ohio.


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