Saturday, April 23, 2011

Quirky Wilderness

I won a prize! Do you play the game sponsored by Martingale Publishing Company? Every week they post a Quirky Question. You answer the question and select the box “Notify me when a new Quirky Question is posted.”

This was my question:

What's the main reason you're glad there are no quilt police (or knit/crochet police)?

And my Winning Answer:

If there were quilt police I would be banned from quilting forever! There would be a restraining order on all my cutoff points. My wavy borders would be on America's Most Wanted. I would be charged with keeping all my beautiful fabric hostage. Thank goodness there are no quilt police!

I know, cute, right? I had a really good feeling about this answer when I posted it. And I was right! My prize is an e-book from Martingale Publishing Company. I get to choose from their extensive list. The book I chose is: All Through the Woods: Quilted Projects from the North Country.

I love the theme of this book. I am all about wilderness and nature. I lived in Alaska for 2 years and loved it. I loved the moose snoozing on the lawn of my university, I loved hiking up the side of the mountain so high that you feel like you reached the huge blue sky, I loved sleeping on the soft tundra and picking blueberries and watching the northern lights and drinking home brewed beer in taverns in the middle of nowhere. I loved waking up every day and walking outside and feeling like you just stepped into a miracle. What I didn’t love was the distance: a 4-day drive or $800 plane ticket every time I wanted to see my family. Eventually, family won out over The Last Wilderness, but that doesn’t mean my love affair with Alaska ended.

The only Alaska picture I can find at the moment.

I would love one day to make a quilt tribute to Alaska. And this book would definitely help!


  1. That was a great answer! I have never heard of that site and will have to go visit it. My mom vacationed in Alaska over the summer and loved it! She brought back gorgeous photos.

  2. Love that answer--so am glad you where a winner--but then as blog friends go--you are already a winner!!!
    Hugs and happy Easter--Di and miss gracie

  3. totally love the trees, what a great choice! ps. I have been posting tons of trees to my pintrest boards, you should go check it out!


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