Thursday, April 28, 2011

FMQ Challenge

Are you participating in the FMQ Challenge? I've been having so much fun free-motion quilting that yesterday I took an hour off from work to go home and quilt!

Here's my quilt all prepped for FMQ. I basically printed the design, made several copies, and am pinning them to the top of my quilt and quilting right through the paper. I would go crazy if I had to mark every square with a feather wreath.

My second wreath! Those bright spots are the paper stuck in the quilting. They will wash out, so I don't worry about them. So far I've only picked two quilting designs and will just concentrate on those. My head hurts if I think about this quilt too much!

So I am doing feather wreaths and feather sprays. I'm doing all the black ones first because I'm sooooo lazy about changing the thread in my sewing machine! It's slow and painstaking work, but I'm getting through it. A great chance to catch up on my House episodes! My head reels every time I think about how many feathers I have to quilt. It's a little too early to tell if I'm improving yet, but I have faith!


  1. Nice job...I'm working my way up to feathers

  2. Looking good, Jen... looking good! Brava for tackling this challenge...

  3. WOW Jen!! I love your choice of design and it is looking REALLY good!! I'm very impressed!!

  4. Its looking good! Maybe someday I'll get brave enough to try machine quilting but on a much smaller project!

  5. Nice work, Jen. I do not do freemotion machine quilt. Don't even do much straight line machine quilting. I make a mess when I do.


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