Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Black, White, and Batik all over

I was a busy sewer this week-end! Even though my little brother came to stay with us for the week-end, I still managed to squeeze in about 8 hours worth of sewing on Saturday. Which is good, because Friday and Sunday were big busts.

I put together the first three blocks of Black and White Delight. The pattern calls for black, white, and a different accent color for each block. I decided to stick with black, white, and green. Luckily, I had just bought a large stack of green fat quarters at Joann’s, so I was ready to go!


February (I didn’t think I’d like this one. But I love it in real life!)

March (oops, just realized I put a piece in wrong. I’ll have to fix that!)

I need some more black and whites. I see another trip to Joann’s in my future!

I also paper-pieced the first block of Jewels in the Crown BOM. I love paper-piecing! Everything turns out so perfect. I just hate the waste that goes along with it. I'll have to get more batiks too! Don't you love these colors?!


  1. Love your black&white&green blocks... squeezing in an entire 8 hours over the weekend is great!

  2. WONDERFUL Jewels in the Crown - I'm 2 months behind, I need to catch up! I'm liking your Black/White project as well!!

  3. I really like that black, white, and green. Are those 12 inch blocks? Are you making a whole quilt out of those fabeics? Yum!


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