Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday UFO Progress

This week I've been working hard on my UFO's! I started quilting on my First Quilt.

Sorry for the picture. I remembered at 6:20am to take the picture as I was running out the door to work. I really like this quilting design. It's basically a bunch of suns. I traced circles and then just free handed a bunch of radiating lines. For the most part they are straight, but I'm not going to lie: some of them start straight then dive off in a large curve. I really like how it's not just straight lines, which I wanted to use on this quilt, and that it's minimalist, which fits with the whole Asian-inspired fabric choices.

Then I started working on my second UFO. I introduced this quilt in yesterday's blog post. I worked this week on piecing the back. The quilt is huge. I couldn't get the back big enough to fit the top. It seemed like I just kept adding fabric to it forever. Then I hit on an ingenius idea: I took a row from the top and pieced it into the back. Perfect. Makes it that much smaller to wrestle through my sewing machine too!

This is me unpicking the row last night. This quilt has been upicked so many times! It took me all week to get this quilt ready for the FMQ Challenge. Piece the never-ending back, buy batting, iron the stupid pieces (believe me, that took hours!). This weekend I plan to baste it and started FMQing on Monday!

Azrael approves of the backing!

I feel really good about my progress this week, even though I didn't follow my plan of working on my First Quilt. Sometimes plans change, and right now I'm just going with the flow!


  1. Beautiful colors in your quilt! Such a smart idea to use one of the rows from the quilt top and incorporate into the backing :)

  2. I also like how you worked out the problem of the backing. That kind of thinking is going to be your best friend in quilting or anything else, for that matter.

  3. I like your quilt colors too. And that pieced backing is beautiful. Could almost be a quilt in itself.


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