Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!

The presents are wrapped...the cookies are baked...the house is clean...

Mmmm...These Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies are delicious! Also try these amazing Snickerdoodles. They are flourless and sugarless. I brought them to a potluck at work last week and people were stopping me in the hallway to give me compliments on the cookies! I didn't bother to tell anyone they were gluten-free and ridiculously healthy :)

I've made it my goal for people to get to know me and say "Wow, I never knew you were gluten-free!"

This year we wrapped our presents with materials lying around the house. I used recycled brown grocery bags and some fabric and trim pieces. Cute! They look great under the tree :) I used a glue stick to make it super simple.

I'll be spending the next few days with my family. Cooking, eating, laughing. Sewing the binding on my Xmas quilt (yes, still!).

I hope you have a

and a quilty New Year!


  1. And a very Merry Christmas to you! I'd love to get your Snickerdoodle recipe.

  2. Wishing you a wonderful Merry Christmas!! Those Snickerdoodles sound delicious!! Such a fun name!

  3. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Jen!

    Love your idea about using stuff in your house to wrap things... I made flannel pillowcases to put my granddaughters' presents in... next year, I plan to have more fabric gift bags in use!

  4. Hi Jen, I love what you have done with the present wrapping.. I have just wrapped a neices present in brown paper and stamped her name over it in various spots..
    Would also love the recipe for your snickerdoodles...

  5. Loved your wrapping paper. We did all newspaper this year at our house. Can't wait to try your cookie recipes too. Hope your Christmas was a good one!!!


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