Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 UFO Bust-The Master List

Last January I joined Susan at Blackberry Creek in her 2011 UFO Busters group.  I had so much fun watching everyone finish their UFOs and I even completed a few of my own!  This group was really the push I needed to actually QUILT my quilts instead of letting them pile up while I started new projects.  Here's my list:

1. Love Quilt
2. Bliss
3. My very first quilt

4. Floating Lilypad
5. Rehab
6. Twilight Sampler
7. H & I's
8. Christmas Sampler
9. Layer Cake Quilt Along
10. Binding Purse 
11. Apron
12. Flip Flop tote bag

I completed 5 projects! 

My Christmas Sampler is almost complete.  I am nearly done sewing on the binding and I just have a few last minute quilting to complete.  My Rehab quilt went through some serious quilting and it is 75% done.  Two more started out as blocks and are now tops.  I didn't touch my Layer Cake quilt along, my Apron, or my Floating Lilypad UFOs. 

I'm calling this list 60% done.  

We decided to keep up the UFO Busters for another year.  This is my 2012 list:

1. Christmas Sampler
2. Guild Charity Quilt
3. Rehab
4. Floating Lilypad
5. Twilight Sampler
6. H & I's
7. Apron
8. Layer Cake Quilt Along
9. Boot Bash
10. Jewel in the Crown 
11. Civil War Sampler Quilt
12. Black and White Delight

That is more than enough to keep me busy all year!  I want to beat my record of 5 finishes.  Most of these are really large quilts, so wish me luck!  Come join us, it's never too late to start Busting some UFO's!


  1. Good work to finish 5! Happy New Year!

  2. Congrats on all the busts, Jen. Glad you're sticking with us this year. Happy New Year.

  3. I have plenty of UFO's to finish. Mostly tops to be quilted. I finished one last week. Thanks for the added inspiration :-) Congratulations on your finishes.

  4. I'm impressed. Great job. We need a celebration party when a UFO is no longer a UFO. Congratulations!



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