Friday, December 2, 2011

Fun at Quilting Gallery

There's lots of Star Quilts at the Quilting Gallery today! This is most entries I've ever seen in a category. Quilters love their star patterns :)

I entered my  Bliss Quilt

And here are some of my favorites:

Cast your vote for your favorites at Quilting Gallery!

And while you're there...

Check out Blog Hop coming soon! I'll be signing up to give away a prize right here and I can't wait to pick something special out for you guys!

Have a quilty weekend!

OMG~ I totally just figured out how to center my post.  I've been blogging for 2 years and I'm still learning the basics!!  Happy Friday :)


  1. Love your Bliss quilt, Jen!! Well done!

    My sweet MIL is a new quilter and is unsure of herself, but I think I could quickly teach her to make stars this way and she'd be so happy with her accomplishment. Thanks!


  2. I just love your quilt and you have already received my vote! Good luck!!!

  3. Love your Bliss quilt and just voted! Good luck!

  4. I too love your Bliss Quilt--great job--
    I started a hexagon flower quilt in the Bliss line--noticed I said 'started'--someday--it may be finished!!!!!
    Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie

  5. I love all the quilts, but especially your Bliss quilt. Those colors are wonderful.

  6. Your Bliss quilt is absolutely lovely!

  7. I like your star quilt! Star designs are among my favorite quilts.

  8. I had already found you over there. There are lots of entrys this time (and some I may not call "star" quilts) Do you think that in another year I will be able to do all these blog arrangements? I have a gift for the Blog Hop Party all selected but being able to put in the buttons and all that link stuff may be way beyond my computer skills. Since Japan is a day ahead, I will have a bit longer to figure it out.

  9. Your bliss quilt looks amazing!!

  10. Your Bliss quilt is beautiful. I love all the fabrics.


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