Thursday, December 15, 2011

I've been Charmed

Have you had fun hopping?!  I know I did.  I found a ton of new blogs to follow. My poor Google Reader is going to be so stuffed! 

I haven't sewn in two weeks! Yikes.  I have a Santa bag full of excuses though.  Holidays. Cooking delicious gluten free food.  My last test in Accounting was tonight.  We got approved for a home loan and now just need to house-shop.  Exercise and diet for next month's trip to Hawaii.  Plus the usual work!
That's why I'm signing up for Friday Night Sew In! What a wonderful excuse to get some Me time :)  I want to make Oven Mitts for Christmas presents.  I've been itching to start a new project.  I have so many in progress right now though.

I got this fabulous present from a giveaway hosted by Jeanette at Inchworm Fabrics. I won the book (by Me and My Sister Designs) and a Ruby charm pack. I threw in some extra money and bought two more charm packs. Can't beat that deal! Thanks Jeanette :) This package has been sitting on my cutting table, just mocking me.

Soon! I'll get to you soon!

Have fun at FNSI. Forget everything else and take a night for yourself. Make your husband cook dinner. Make the cats pick up the house. Skip your exercising and park yourself at your sewing machine!

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