Friday, September 30, 2011

UFO Friday-Week 39

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Wow, is it Friday already?! This week went by so fast because I was a little sick. That means a doctor’s appointment and lots of rest.

Not much on the sewing front, but I did find some time to work on my Rehab quilt. This is the 50 feathers I quilted this month. 50 per month is my goal. I do a few every week. I pin the paper to my quilt and follow the pattern, then tear it off later.

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  1. Wow.... them's a lot of feathers! But goal setting is a good thing and you'll get done eventually!

  2. I had wondered how the paper quilting patterns were used so am glad to see these feather patterns in actions!

    Well done on all you've accomplished in quilting the Rehab quilt!


  3. So are you hand or machine quilting your feathers? Just curious. The piecing is beautiful and I love the colors!

  4. Love your feathers. I've given up on machine quilting. It just is not my thing.


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