Saturday, October 1, 2011

Winners!! And This blog is now Gluten-Free!

We have Two winners!

The Traveling Stash is headed to

The Thimbleberries book is going to

Congrats you lucky ladies!

I meant to mail them out today but who knew that post offices in small towns are closed on Saturdays?!!! I will drop you a message when these babies finally get in the post.

Oh yeah, remember in my last post I mentioned that I wasn't feeling well and went to the doctor's office? Well, turns out that I have Celiac Disease. Celiac disease is a "lifelong inherited autoimmune condition" that basically means I can't eat anything containing gluten anymore. Gluten is found in wheat, rye, barley, and oats. It's also found in Doritos, whiskey, bread, pasta, white flour, beer, couscous, breadcrumbs, mac n cheese, cupcakes, and candies.

My head is reeling and I feel intimidated at the strict diet restrictions and rules I now have to live with. But I'm glad that I was diagnosed and know the way to a healthier me. I'm thankful for the recent gluten-free products that make this condition easier. Every time I find something gluten free I smile! This won't be bad, it will just be different.

Luckily, wine and quilting are gluten-free!


  1. I have several friends who "get" to live gluten free. If you want some fabulous, and I do mean fabulous, recipes, try this site. She does tons of gluten free recipes.

  2. I've been hearing of this more and more. It's probably a healthier way for all of us to eat! I subscribe to a site that has quite a few gluten free recipes. I can't speak for any of them, but I've tried their regular recipes with great success. Here is the link to the gluten free recipes. I imagine there is a lot of information out there. Hoping your transistion is a smooth one and that you'll soon be feeling much better.

  3. Congratulations to the lucky winners! My DD has a friend who had to go gluten free too. Its an adjustment, but she knows when she eats something she shouldn't she pays for it, and is willing to do that sometimes. You will get in tune with your system too. Good luck!

  4. While I'm not glad you have Celiac's Disease, I'm glad the drs figured out what was going on. I see so much stuff in the stores marked "gluten free" these days... a lot of folks must be dealing with it too!

  5. Congratulations to the winners. My new grandson FINALLY was diagnosed with Celiac and also has other dietary alergies - a whole new world in trying to find foods so he can grow.

  6. I am the only non-gluten free member in my house. My husband & son have been GF for a little over five years now. Because of the higher changes, we just went ahead & assumed the GF diet for our younger son too. Fortunately, there are a lot of improvements in gluten free options, and more & more big-name restaurants are adding gluten free choices to their menus. It really isn't such a difficult diet to be on, as long as you know what to watch out for & make sure to pay attention to what you're eating.

    Good luck on your new diet! Let me know if you would like any advice.

    ~ Meagan

  7. Hi Jen, another thing we have in common.. I was diagnosed about four years ago.. It's not hard to live gluten free at home, just a little harder when you go out for a meal.. Email me if you get stuck, I might know that answer to questions!! Then again, you may have a new question we'll find out together..

  8. Well, at least you seem to be optimistic about the being gluten free. Good luck discovering new favorite foods!

  9. Wishing you luck with your new healthier way of eating!! There seems to be a lot of support, ideas and recipes out there for people who are gluten free. Have fun discovering new foods!

  10. I too was sorry to read that you had been diagnosed with Celiac Disease but I just love your attitude, that's what it takes, you can do this!

  11. Thanks for sharing this. Sorry to hear you were diagnosed. it does get easier, with time.

    I recently gave in at a wedding to the posh-looking chocolate cake. It had a majestic texture and was consistent throughout and nice to eat. Not to mention the fact that nearly 4 hours afterwards I was thinking I would need the hospital and could hardly walk due to severe joint pain. Sick for 2 weeks afterward (I’m coeliac and have been for 12 years).

    I found a mix from sun flour mills that I plan to order and try soon – their award winning chocolate cake mix. They’re based in Idaho in the USA and the product won first prize in two independent competitions.

    The Almost Bourdain blog recently featured a flourless chinese five spice cake recipe which really looked perfect in terms of texture – extremely cake for being flourless and looked fairly easy to make – just need to find the time…

    Meanwhile, on the other hand, I recently found a potential cure for those with gluten intolerance and celiac disease – Dr. Wise’s Gluten Relief – I blogged about it at

  12. I'm your 100th member on Google Connect BTW! :)

    Be sure and read my post on the potential cure and recipes I mentioned:

  13. I've heard a lot about gluten free lately. It sounds like a challenge to avoid gluten, but it's great that the problem has been identified for you. Who knows, you may find some interesting new foods or recipes in your search :-) Sounds like you had a fun giveaway :-) Sorry I missed it and didn't discover your blog in time. I'll be back to visit soon though!

  14. Me again! I just became I follower of your blog and I noticed that I'm number 101! Congratulations on 100, and now 101 followers :-) Such fun numbers to reach!!

  15. Good luck on your journey! Hopefully the knowledge that if you eat right you feel better will make it easier.

  16. I have a friend with Celiac. She has adjusted. I believe she told me there are some support groups you can join up with and she did that for awhile, until she could get a handle on it. Good luck!!

  17. Two of my best friends are celiac, and I am a label-reading expert! It's so amazing where gluten ends up lurking! I can buy one brand of taco seasoning mix but not another (Taco Bell--big no no!). I have a recipe for an awesome taco soup, though. Let me know if you want it. We eat at a lot of Mexican restaurants and some Thai restaurants. Cross-contamination is a huge problem in restaurants, that's for sure. Anyway, I'm glad you have been diagnosed early before the evil results started.

    Oh, and I even found gluten-free vodka. They make corn-based and potato-based vodka if you want to make a martini. Most of the major brands are grain-based. :(

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