Thursday, September 29, 2011

Traveling Stash Giveaway!

We had fun together. But it's time for the Traveling Stash to move on!

This is what I took:

Picture shamelessly stolen from Marianne at Sew Ruffhaven, where I won this awesome prize. Check out her blog to read the history of the Traveling Stash and watch it's evolution.

Some Fall fat quarters, a few Xmas fabrics, misc fabric, a Yo-Yo maker, and a bag of red and white charms. And a gift card to Joann's Fabrics.

This is what I put in:

A few patterns I've already made, a tissue-cover for tiny tissues (I love it, but don't carry tiny tissues), an American Jane panel, a cute Pumpkin pin cushion kit with Fig Tree fabrics, a purse kit, a really cute vintage apron, a bag of Asian 3.5 inch squares, a bag of 2 inch squares (start a Charm quilt!), a few random pieces of yardage that I just chopped off. Also, some squares of really cute designer fabrics:

A smidgeon over 12.5 inch square. And some Joel Dewberry Heirloom charms:

Would you like a peep at the Traveling Stash?!

Of course you do!

The rules are simple. Take what you want. Replenish the stash. Host your own giveaway on your blog and send it off! I tried to make sure it left better than it looked when it came to me. Cuz that's what my Mom taught me :)

Please only US residents (because of shipping costs). Please only bloggers (to host your own giveaway). Please promise to send it off!

Leave a comment. I'll choose someone on Saturday morning!

But that's not all!!!

Did you see that big pile that I put in the box? Well, it almost fit. If it weren't for this darn book!

LOL. This is a great book. I've already read it from my local library though and want to pass it on. But it's thick! And the box won't close! So I will pull another name for this book. If you don't want the book, just let me know in your comment.

Good luck!


  1. Wowzers!!! I would love to get a look at that box. :)


  2. I would love to have a traveling stash, and pass it on!!! Those are soooooo fun!!!

  3. How fun! Would love to be a part of the traveling stash! :D

  4. The stash has been to my house. :-) But I am interested in your book giveaway~ could you add me to that hat? Thanks!

  5. I've been following this box from blog to blog. Count me in!

  6. I have had lots of fun following the traveling stash. Looks like you found some fun fabrics. Looks like you added some great fabrics. It's funny that the box is so full that you couldn't add the book.

  7. Hi Jen, I'd be interested in the book, but I've already had the box. Isn't it fun??

  8. I've already had the book and passed it on. I'd love a peek at the traveling stash though!

  9. I think the box is getting bigger with each home it visits! I've been stalking it all over. I'd love to visit with it for a while!

  10. What a fun idea! I would love to see what's in that box...and I don't need the book!

  11. Wonder whether the book giveaway is also only for the US residents.
    Looks like a great one :D

  12. ME me meeeeee pick meeeeeee!!!! I would love to win the traveling Stash and I PROMISE to make it great!! I would love to participate in this, how fun!! I already have the book, but would love the stash to come for a visit!

  13. I am super excited by the idea of the Traveling Stash! I would love the opportunity to trade out some of the boxed up goodies for some of my own!

    ~ Meagan

  14. I would love another turn at the stash!! Looks like you got some really fun stuff. You also added a bunch of fun stuff. I will promise to hold a give away on my blog, I promise to send it off looking better than I get it, I promise to add only great and fun things. LOL!!

  15. I had box #1 - would love box 2. But also interested in the book.

  16. ha ha ha ... sorry about the book ...I know it took up a bit of space but I knew someone out there would love it more than I did.
    So glad you liked the fall fabric.
    The traveling stash box is one of the funnest things I have done since I started blogging.
    I don't mind winning it again....(I have some Christmas Fabric that needs a new home )


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