Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Is it too early to be counting down to Friday night?

This Friday is Friday Night Sew In! I’m so excited. After a week of dealing with a family death and pitching in to help cover the ragged ends, I could really use some sewing time.

My plan this week is to work on my Stay at Home Round Robin that Sunny is hosting on her blog, Quilting Dreams. I still need to finish that center block and add the first border. I am thinking either prairie points or small flying geese!

Here’s a few blocks that I’ve finished:

These are for my Black and White Delight quilt.

I’ve also been quilting some more on my Rehab quilt. My goal is to do 50 feathers on it every month. That quilt is so tiring that I prefer to do the quilting in smaller pieces! It’s coming along though and I’m excited to put it on our bed this winter.

Did you hear about the blackouts in the Southwest last week? Scary stuff. It didn’t affect Sacramento, but it did give me pause to think. Are you prepared for a national emergency? I get most of my emergency preparedness tips from the blog Deals to Meals. Shandra is awesome about teaching us to stock a working pantry and even gives tons of recipes for pantry meals. Not just mac n chz and beans either! LOL, that’s what my husband and I turn to on nights we eat from the pantry. Shandra is hosting a giveaway for an awesome Sun Oven right now that I would just love to win. Check out her blog and then check out her totally cool website, Deals to Meals, for a free trial membership.

Friday, here I come! Go here to sign up for FNSI!

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  1. I'm sorry to hear that you and your family recently lost a loved one...

    I'm looking forward to FNSI and little sewing therapy myself...


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