Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lots of Fabric!!

Last night I rushed home and tore into my Stash. I began cutting pieces of my favorite fabrics. I cut 12.5 inch squares from a pile of fabric I bought in San Francisco

and 6 inch squares from my new bundle of Heirloom by Joe Dewberry.

Then I went through my stash and began pulling and dividing what I thought was really cool: a panel of American Jane, a vintage apron with sweet birds on it, a large piece of 30s fabric…

What am I getting ready for?

The Traveling Stash is coming to visit!!

This must be my lucky week! Thank you Marianne! I want to pick some really cool things for you guys. Because when I’m done packing this Stash, I’m going to send it to a lucky reader.

Maybe even you!


  1. Hello!! I had that box once! So fun. Linda over at Stray Stitches gave both of us an award. I came over to say congrats and I am now a follower! Looking forward to have a chance to win the box again!

  2. You picked some fun fabrics to add to the stash box.

  3. This is awesome!! I love the idea of a traveling stash!! You chose some amazing fabrics too!!

  4. A traveling stash sounds like such a great idea. What a fun way to share fabric with others.


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