Tuesday, July 19, 2011

X Marks the Quilter

Who’s that? A Generation X Quilter? Wow, look, a Generation X Quilter! I want to be a quilter! I love quilts! Can I see pictures of your quilts?

Those are the comments I am sure I will get when I wear my new Generation X Quilter T-shirt around town. I can’t wait! Annemarie also sent me these gorgeous Hawaiian-style fat quarters and a sweet card. Thanks Annemarie!

Are you a Generation X Quilter? I admit, I had to look it up because I wasn’t sure. Generation X is 1965 to 1981. That’s barely me! I was born in 1981 (stop doing the math, I’m 30!), but I am also considered a Generation Y Quilter, which is 1981 to 1990. I straddle. :)

Gen X Quilters

Anyway, if you fall between these letters and you love to make quilts, link up with Gen X Quilter on the Blogroll page and check out who else is there too!


  1. Is there a site for baby boomer quilters? *lol*

    That's cool there are sites for Gen X quilters! I love that younger folks are taking up the art...

  2. HA!! I LOVE IT!! Look at you strut your stuff in that awesome t-shirt! :)


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