Monday, July 25, 2011

FNSI Results: FAIL

What?! It’s already Monday? Where did the weekend go? I was soooo lazy this weekend. I spent 80% of my time surfing Failbook.

Weekend Fail.

What a booger.

I had some problems with my quilt and Friday night did not go like I thought it would. This is what happened:

1.Spend a few hours marking quilt
2.Decide I did it wrong. Spend 2 minutes ironing marks out.
3.Spend a few hours marking quilt
4.Quilt a block
5.Decide I don’t like it. Change the thread, quilt another block.
6.Decide it’s not the thread. It’s the design. Change the design, quilt another block.
7.Decide that’s too much quilting. Quilt another block, this time not so much.
9.Spend 30 minutes sitting on the bed next to husband agonizing over which block design and thread combo works best.
10.Decide on the Perfect one from Step 8.

Geez Jen. What a total waste of FNSI. There wasn’t even wine involved. Maybe that’s what went wrong. This is all I got done:

I quilted six of these. Here's a pic of the template:

I thought I would make up some time on Sunday, but this is how that went:

1.Walk into sewing room refreshed and jazzed. Spend an hour marking quilt, all the while jumping up to do laundry or dishes whenever my timer went off.
2.Lunchtime. Hmmm…maybe I’ll check out Failbook while I eat my rice.
3.Spend the next 4.5 hours on Failbook, sitting on the couch with my rice plate on the coffee table.
4.Finally tear my eyes away from my phone (yes, I read 250 pages of Failbook on my iPhone, what a loser!) to watch Harry Potter and bind my Bliss Quilt.
5.Last hour before bed, run around like crazy packing my lunch, picking out clothes, and gathering everything for work today.

Wow! I know, you’re totally jealous of my fabulous life. “How does she do it all?”

If you’re thinking about clicking on this Failbook link, I’m warning you now: Don’t do it!!!


  1. The internet in general can be a time sucker! I love your love quilt. I'm glad you're finishing it :)

  2. Driftin' along being lazy ain't all bad... sometimes we all need down time.

    Perseverance is a good thing...

  3. Thanks for the warning. I won't look even out of curiosity. Well, you DID get the decisions out of the way and that was a biggie. Weekends tend to show up again from time to time.

  4. Why or why didn't I listen?!?!? I needed to go to bed an hour ago!

  5. I admit I couldn't help it, I went and had a lok at Failbook, argh!!! It was very brief, the top post was a fellow explaining how a light in his living room projects a giant shadow of his penis when he masturbates on his couch.... do they ever grow up :( Needless to say I didn't read anymore, quilty blogs are so much more fun :)
    Love your quilting motif, clever girl, time not entirely wasted.


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