Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hello Bloggers! I’ve missed you! Being away for 3 whole days really takes a toll on me, lol! We had a great camping trip: lots of ATV-riding, shooting, sunning, swimming, cooking, and eating! Lots and lots of eating, actually! Corn-on-the-cob cooked in an open fire, beef jerky, potato chips, watermelon, salmon…you name it; we pigged out on it! My mom decided to leave a day early, and like the lemmings we are, we all followed her.

Since I got home a day early, I decided it was only fair to go back to work a day early.


Haha, almost had you there! Of course I didn’t go to work. Instead I spent the day lounging around the house, doing a zillion loads of laundry from camping and playing in my sewing room! What a great way to end a vacation. I think I’ll try to end every vacation that way from now on. A quiet little decompression at my sewing machine.

I finished my Jewel in the Crown BOM block for July. I mostly like this block, except the dot fabric and the pink blend too well together. And I messed up on my paper piecing. I started in the wrong place. There was a lot of cutting and pasting and finagling and crossing my fingers and holding my breath to get the pieces to look right. Luckily, I’m very experienced in covering up mistakes, so it looks fine!

Then I finished my Boot Bash BOM for April. I was afraid it would be too much purple, but it looks really cute in person. The small, dark purple pieces were cut from a Crown Royal bag. I added some pink stitching to it. Now I’m only 3 months behind. I need to get cracking on these!

Any plans for the weekend? I am playing in the Friday Night Sew In ! Woo-Hooo! I’ll also be linking up at the UFO Weekend Party at Pigtales and Quilts and will be working on a UFO. That’s two chances to win on Friday night! Great motivation to convince you to stay home and work on a UFO. I pulled a new UFO out last night, but don’t know if I’m ready to dive in quilting it just yet. I guess you will see tomorrow!


  1. Your camping trip sounds like it was lots of fun and all the food, YUM!

  2. I'll be FNSI-ing this evening too... staying inside as much as possible because of the heat index! Too hot to roam around outside unless absolutely necessary.


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