Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thanks Bess!

I got something fun in the mail! I won a prize from Bess over at James and Bess: Random Thoughts. They have the cutest kids over there! Bess posts mainly on family stuff but likes to sneak in some crafty projects. This is what she snuck to me:

A darling ruffle clutch and a checkbook cover!

I love this fabric! It’s a feminine, fun green. The clutch is the perfect size for me: I can fit my Moda wallet (which is really a change purse, but I call it my wallet) and my camera and my camera cord. That’s everything I carry with me on a regular basis. Besides my iPhone, of course, but that’s normally in my hand at all times!

The checkbook cover is fabulous too. I can never find my checkbook because I use the boring blue cover that it came with. I swear, my eyes just glaze right over it. Not anymore! Now it stands out and shouts “Use me! Use me!”

Thanks so much Bess!

My picture of the day: High Angle. This is taken from my office. I work on the 14th floor in downtown Sacramento, just a few blocks from the Capital building. My husband is down there waving Hi to you!

And for tomorrow's picture: Sunset. Uh...small problem. I go to bed at 8:30 at night, and it's still light out! so I thought I'd take a picture of sunrise instead. Of course, today the sun didn't rise. It just snuck quietly behind some clouds. So my picture is "Sunrise Time in the Park" (aprox 5:50am)

And "Sunrise Time in the Park at a High Angle" aprox (6am)

What a difference in light that 10 minutes make!


  1. i'm SO glad you like your surprises!

    bess :)!

  2. What a fun picture of hubby -~~waves back at him~~. And I had to laugh at the sunset picture :) I use to go to bed at 8:30 too - yah, for summer break :)

    What a wonderful freebie you received, very nice!


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