Friday, June 3, 2011

Hands and Paws

My husband and I are hand-holders. I know, cute, right?! We hold hands when we walk down the street, when we sit next to each other on the bus, and even when we fall asleep at night.

Gratuitous ring shot.

My husband has very large hands and they always make me feel safe. My cat Azrael also has very large hands and I'm quite scared of his paws.

Yikes, look at those claws!

I swear, you've never seen a cat with paws like his. He's built like a football player. Azrael weighs 17 lbs and still looks lean. Compared to his brother from the same litter, he looks like a Saber Tooth Tiger.

And my favorite hands-photo, from our wedding this summer

I love that you can still see some playa dust on our hands.

Photo Fun in June~Come join the party!

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