Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's not all Black and White

I've been catching up on my Black and White Delight BOM blocks.
I really like this one!

These blocks are so easy to make! Easy to cut, easy to sew. They finish at about 12.5 inches. Normally, I would scoff at such an easy pattern, big pieces and easy blocks are not my "thing." But after working on Civil War Quilt blocks and Jewel in the Crown blocks and my awesome Boot Bash blocks, it's nice to work on something that comes together quickly.

I'm really glad I chose green for the accent color too. I only chose green because I had just bought a bunch of Fat Quarters to make scrappy leaves (which didn't happen). It's not a favorite color of mine, but I love it in this quilt. This quilt is just growing on me!

Picture of the Day: My big stack of library books and my handsome husband (he's not really that fat, just looks weird in this photo :)

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  1. LOVE the green/white/black combo! Never thought of it because I tend to lean towards red/black/white. The squares look great!


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