Friday, June 3, 2011

My Own Worst Enemy

Since the FMQ Challenge has ended, I have focused on catching up on my BOM's. I had a list of 12 in January. Some I actually tried and abandoned. Others never got past the "maybe" stage. Now I have 5 actual BOM's that are active. Two others are still in the dreaming stage; I may get around to them this year!

This week and on the week-end I really knuckled down and got some Jewel in the Crown blocks done. I am paper-piecing all these blocks.

Do you ever feel like YOU are your own worst enemy? I sure do! I print out the foundation and then think: "Oh, that's weird. Why did she draw all these as seperate pieces. That's silly! I will skip a few steps by taping all these pieces of paper together." Did I stop to think that Reeze Hanson is a very talented and experienced pattern designer and she knows more than I do? No! I just went ahead and taped all those pieces together. Then I struggled over five days to work on one block. Argh.

I had to put this block down several times. It was emotionally exhausting. But lesson learned! One thing about me as a person: I always try to take the morale of the story. I try to learn from my mistakes. It's something I'm very conscious about.

Unfortunatley, I had already taped another block together. This one looked much easier so I just jumped right in.

I'm laughing at myself right now. One good thing that came out of this: I got pretty good at mitering corners! Silly me.

This one I think should have more contrast. But oh well! Today I printed and (didn't tape!) prepped the other two blocks. Two more and I will be caught up! I'm running low on batiks so...I'm hitting the fabric store today! Yay! The real one, not Joann's (sorry Joann! Love you!). I haven't been in so long, it will be nice to visit again!

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