Friday, November 18, 2011

Playing Catch Up

Happy Friday! Today is UFO update day for all UFO Busters!

This has been a super busy week for me. For my husband’s birthday we spent a few days out of town. It was so nice to get away! Unfortunately, that means no quilting. Then I came back home to a big test in school and loads of homework to cram in before its due date. The homework is submitted and the test taken last night, thankfully! No worrying now, either I did good or bad, but at least I’m done studying!

Since my announcement of having to go gluten free, I’ve been going through some health issues too. Off-gluten, then back on, biopsy, blood draws, extreme fatigue, mood swings…the list goes on! Now most of the invasive procedures are done. I’ve officially been diagnosed with celiac disease, and have been off-gluten for a week now. It’s been a roller coaster and my poor body doesn’t know which way is up! These next few weeks I’m looking forward to healing my body, getting to know myself better, and enjoying my release from the grip of fatigue. I’ll be a whole, happy me!

I’ve been quilting on my Xmas Sampler quilt. I’m really pushing to get that done by December 1. No pictures to show (I’m writing this at work (on my break, I swear!)). But I should be finished soon. I'll be working on it tonight during FNSI! Sign up here if you would like to join me!

Here’s a finished flimsy! I did something a bit different with the borders. Do you like them? I do. This flimsy will marinate for a month or two before I get to it. My husband loves it, so I'll do something special for the quilting.

Hope you have a quilty weekend :)


  1. Beautiful flimsy! Love it! Fantastic fabric combos.

  2. Love your sampler quilt! Good luck with meeting your Dec. 1 deadline on finishing it.

    Wishing you well as you adapt to being gluten free. I was diagnosed with lupus 12 years ago and it's no fun dealing with a chronic disease, but it can be done - and it beats the alternative! Hope being gluten free restores your energy.

    The SwagBucks thing is interesting.


  3. The new flimsy is beautiful - I like what you did with the borders.
    Good luck with gluten free - I hope things get better for you.

  4. So sorry to hear of your celiac diagnosis. But, on the plus side, at least you know what you're fighting now. Good luck. I love your flimsy--but I, too, want to know what a flimsy is.

  5. So glad that you have a definitive diagnosis and can now move on. It's not hard, there are so many wonderful products out there now for us..
    One hint, take a gluten free bar in your bag for the times when you are at a function and they do not cater for gluten free..
    Love your quilt top...


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