Friday, November 4, 2011

Border Dilemna Solved and Moving On!

Thank you for all your advice on Borders last week! The general consensus was that the red border looked just fine. There were some other good ideas, including adding a thin green border. But I think I agree with Vivian, who pointed out the border looked too thick. I decided a scallop border would make it thinnner and set the quilt off nicely. That adds some pizazz and class to the border too!

I finished adding the red border and will draw the scallops after it's quilted. I haven't decided on a quilting design for the borders yet :)

I've been a busy bee this week! I basted three quilts. One is a quilt I promised to quilt for the local Guild. I ghetto-basted them. That means I did it on my living room floor. On a big piece of cardboard. In large sections. All the while dreaming of a large tile or wood floor. Ahh...the dreams of a poor quilter *snicker*

I also started quilting! My quilting plan is: No Plan! I am quilting by the seat of my pants and trying not to overthink it. It's going to be organic and flowy and I want to use a few different threads. Whatever strikes my fancy! I hope this will cure me of my compulsive use of quilting templates and make me trust my own quilting skills.

I like it so far! I used green thread for the top. I chose blue for the back because it matches the backing fabric (an old, I mean, vintage sheet) and because I picked up a huge cone at a quilting rummage sale. Gotta use it somewhere :)

I'm linking with up other UFO Busters at Susan's blog. Come check out what we've been doing!


  1. I think a scalloped border will look wonderful! And the quilting so far is fantastic!

  2. I love this quilt top... I really do! It's my favorite holiday quilt of any I've seen! I think a scalloped border will be fantastic and the quilting is gorgeous!

  3. Love the festive quilt and its red border! Your idea for scalloping it will be the perfect finishing touch.


  4. Red is the perfect color and making it scalloped will be perfect. Fantastic job on your quilting!!

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  6. A scalloped border will look great, but I also like it as is. Beautiful quilt.


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