Sunday, November 27, 2011

Chronicle Books Happy Haul-Idays!

Chronicle Books is an independant book publisher of distinctive books. What are distinctive books? Books that make you want to sit down in the middle of the day, pour yourself a glass of wine, cuddle up with a quilt, and browse. Books with gorgous pictures of architecture, crafts, cooking, and art. Books that make you pause and daydream no matter where you are: reading on the bus, on your lunch break at work, or fighting valiantly to keep your eyes open for another hour before drifting off to sleep.

Right now, Chronicle Books is giving away $1500 worth of books. This is such an amazing offer! That's $500 worth of books for me, $500 worth of books for you, and $500 worth of books for my charity: Ione Library.

(Yup, that's it, the last door on the street)

Ione is my hometown. I used to spend hours in our one-room library, reading every book on the shelf. The librarian used to send me birthday and graduation cards. Ahh...the memories :)

So here are the books I picked out for us to win:


Kathy Casey's Northwest Table


Blackbird Bakery Gluten-Free

The San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market Cookbook



The Life & Love of Trees


My Future Listography


Craft, Inc. - Revised Edition

Craft Inc. Business Planner

Creative, Inc.


French General: Home Sewn

Embroidered Effects

Applique Your Way

Whip Up Mini Quilts

Little Bits Quilting Bee

Sublime Stitching


Olive, the Other Reindeer

Over and Under the Snow

Would you like to win? Simply comment on this post. If my name is drawn by Chronicle Books, then I can draw a name from my commenters. Easy Peasey!

In the meantime, check out these dreamy books. Making this list was the most most relaxing thing I did all weekend! Head over to Chronicle Books for more eye candy :)


  1. Wow - that's a nice giveaway. I love all books, so please put my name in the drawing. And good luck to you!

  2. Great list! They have so many wonderful books I had a hard time choosing my list, but I persevered :)

    Good luck to you and your charity!

  3. the list and love the fact that some go to charity!!

  4. What a wonderful giveaway. I love to read and so do my kids~ thanks for the chance~ I hope you win!! :-)

  5. Who doesn't love books! I just discovered a used paperback bookstore just up the street. I am in heaven! I still need to get to our new library.

    Good luck!

  6. Your list is really great :) Thanks for checking out my list on my blog!

  7. Love books & your list! Good luck! xx fingers crossed!

  8. That looks like a list I would have made. Good lick to both of us. :-)

  9. Good luck in the drawing! I know we should all be getting a bit more tech savvy (Kindle and the Nook), but there is something about holding a book in your hand and feeling the pages as you turn them.

  10. wouldn't it be great to win this fun is that?? Someone's gotta win, right??

  11. great list. chronicle has such an awesome array of cooking and craft books. good luck!

  12. Wonderful list! Would be thrilled to win along with you! Good luck!

  13. Hey good list, thanks for the opportunity to win!

  14. Wow. What a story!

    Good luck and happy holidays!

  15. Mmmmmm...having lived in the northwest, I love the cooking! Good luck!

  16. Like your list of crafty books. I love them too! Such fun is to be had. Enjoy a shop out your way..Green Tangerine! Best place to scrapbook!

    So, here's wishing us both good luck.
    jeaneC from CA
    jcamp2020 at aol

  17. WOW! What a fantastic opportunity....good luck to you!


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