Friday, October 21, 2011

It's FNSI!

Happy Friday! Tonight is FNSI, I hope you're ready! Follow the link to sign up if you haven't already!

Here's a quick catch-up of my UFO progress:

Oh snap! It's a quilt top! I call this my HI quilt. This UFO is so old I've never even blogged about it. Until last weekend it was just a pile of blocks from a swap 3 years ago. A swap that went entirely wrong. My plan was to add more blocks to complement the H-blocks, but then I got confused and made O-blocks instead. Don't ask me how I did that! Everything turned out fine though. I put the O-blocks on the outside and filled in the middle with H-blocks. And turned some to be I-blocks. I was two short, so I threw in some random blocks that I had laying around. I put the sewing pedal to the metal when I made this top!

I found the perfect border at Joann's. I was thinking this would make a good baby quilt. Then I took the fabric home and imagined a baby laying on this quilt and realized it wouldn't work! Babies don't like sparkly, glittery butterflies! Oh well, maybe a little girl then.

I even pieced a quick back. I grabbed an old pink butterfly blanket that was perfect and made it a little bit bigger to fit the quilt. I am hoping to have 3 of my quilts ready to be basted by November. Wish me luck!

Hop over to Susan's blog to see more UFO projects!


  1. I think it would be a perfect baby quilt. Ho Ho Ho!!

  2. How cute and cheerful is this quilt?! I see it as not just HI and HO, but also Xs and Os for hugs and kisses! It's perfect for some lucky little girl! Well done, Jen!


  3. I think anybody would love this quilt--baby, little girl, ME!

  4. I see hi ho, hi ho, written in the quilt! Off to work we go! And work you did. I just read the post of all you accomplished with the sew in. You go girl!

  5. Looking good! I agree with Susan that anyone would love this quilt.

  6. I definitely think this quilt could suit a girl of any age... 0 to 99!!! Good job!


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