Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Quilty Weekend

I had such a quilty weekend! I hope you did too. My husband and I stayed home and played hermits for the weekend. I spent most of that time in my sewing room. On Saturday I spent the whole day working on UFO’s and made so much progress. I had to go to my LQS AND Joann's. Lucky me! I’ll share those details on Friday for my UFO update though.

You might remember that I am splitting this month in half. Well, this weekend was the halfway point. So Saturday was the last day to work on UFO’s (and I squeezed every minute out of that day, not stopping until midnight!). Sunday was the first day of Current WIP day.

On Sunday I dragged all my sewing toys to the living room and set myself up on the couch. I spent the day watching TV and cutting blocks for the Civil War Quilt Along. I hate cutting fabric. But I love having all the pieces pre-cut, packaged, and labeled. That way, I can just grab a Ziploc baggie and start sewing right away. Makes life so much easier!

Thank you, awesome followers, for all the wonderful comments! You guys are totally rocking my week! If you haven’t entered my Follower Appreciation giveaway, you can do so here.

Yesterday I spent $54 on quilting books. From my work desk. I wasn’t even on my break. Geez, I am so bad! Martingale was having a $6 sale on certain books and I couldn’t pass up that deal! I barely snuck in before the sale ended, otherwise I would have let you know too! I bought 9 books. It’s going to be like Christmas when those books get here!


  1. Love your CW blocks! And YES! The internet is a dangerous place... *lol* I've dropped a pretty penny online!

  2. wow - you hit the jackpot on books! I've always had a weakness for books.....

  3. Those are great blocks and I totally agree with you on cutting. It is so nice to have it done and ready for use.

  4. Love the blocks! Can't wait to see the stash of books you get!


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