Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Thanks Santa!

We had 3 Christmas's this week-end! That's the way it's always been in my family and that's the way I love it. All the traveling on Christmas Day i can do without, but I love seeing and spending time with everyone.

This year we spent Christmas Eve with my mom. She had to work for a few hours so I cooked a turkey dinner while she was away. Actually, I mostly cooked the fixings and let my stepfather worry about the turkey. He told me when to baste it and kept checking it all day while I laid on the couch watching Lifetime Christmas movies. It was fun! My mom decorated the table:

I didn't get anything quilty there. We got new dishes and sheets, which we needed bad! See that giant candle holder on the table? That was my gift also!

Next we headed to my grandparent's house for a huge party. I got two Charm Parks and a pair of Gingher Scissors! And a 5 pack of rotary blades. Score!

I also got to see some family I haven't seen in a long, long time and to meet some family whom I've never met before! There were probably 20 of us. We had a great time!

Last stop was my Dad's house. We had a small wind-down after-party there. Opened up the last of our presents and dived into my stepmom's homemade cookies. Yummy! There I got a programmable crock pot, and some Hexagon Dies! yay!

Here's all my loot laid out for your viewing pleasure!

Of course, my house is a mess. We got home from Christmas and basically just dropped everything on the floor. Since then we've been doing laundry (new clothes!) and dishes (new dishes!) and slowing unpacking and putting everything away. Hope your Christmas was as good as mine!

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  1. Oh, you'll love the hexagon dies...They are wonderful...I use the middle size all the time! Best for 2011!


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