Friday, May 27, 2011

7 Things You Didn't Know

This weekend I got to fly a plane. Yup, I really got to steer the plane while it was up in the air! Then the pilot did all kinds of G-turns (dips, dives, and hard climbs). I saw the blue sky, then the sparkling lake water, then the green trees. It was amazing. And I'm so happy that my stomach was able to hang in there with me!

This got me to thinking about other amazing things I’ve gotten to do. Just in time to coincide with the Versatile Blogger Award! Toni from the Quilting Pirate gave me this award. Thank you Toni!!

I get to tell you 7 things about myself and then pass the award on to some other Versatile bloggers.

So, in no particular order:

7 Amazing Things Jennifer has done in her life:

1. I have danced on top of a mountain under purple Northern Lights. I have also gone to a keg party at the base of a glacier.

2. I volunteered to be a dog handler for the Iditarod Race, which is the famous dog-sled race run over 1800 miles in Alaska every year.

3. I have completed a triathlon.

4. I have run a 10k in Area 51 at midnight, dressed as a Space Cowgirl. It was gorgeous (the view. Ok, and my costume!). I have also eaten a picnic at the gate to Area 51. These were on separate days.

5. I was a Slam Poet for 6 years. I performed poetry I wrote in bars and cafes and let strangers hold up scores like the Olympics. I made it on a Regional Slam Team twice but never went to Nationals. I was published in 4 separate literary magazines and won cash prizes and awards. I love the feeling of commanding a room with my voice and my words.

6. I slid one whole mile on my butt down the side of a mountain on a snow-slide. Imagine a water slide but it’s made of snow. And it’s not a real slide, just a steep hill. I just sat down and pushed off. I slid so fast down the hill I couldn’t stop if I wanted to. The snow was flying in my face like water does when you first get on water skies. All I could do was scream and laugh. The hill petered out at the end and I came to a soft stop before the end of the snow. Then I had to walk the other mile down in my wet jeans, which wasn’t fun.

7. I went on a hike in Maui that included a bamboo forest, climbing and descending rope ladders, bouldering, climbing waterfalls and crossing small streams of water. Near the end you have to leave all your possessions and swim the last few hundred yards to a 30 foot waterfall.

Now I get to pass this award on to 7 other new, fun bloggers.

1. Blackberry Creek Home Arts Susan is running a UFO bust right now. She cracks me up with her variety of posts. Check out this one about the hats worn at the Royal Wedding.
2. American Homestead A great blog to read for quilting, traveling, prairie life, and some yummy recipes!
3. Pots and Pins Oh my, do you follow Nan? She has an amazing blog full of mouth-watering recipes and tons of quilty goodness! I have so many of Nan’s recipes saved that it’s ridiculous. She’s also very funny. So swallow that Diet Pepsi before you read her posts.
4. Crooked Seams Megan blogs about quilts (check out her tutorials on how to make quilts from one charm pack!), food, and home improvement. I really like that she blogs about her meals every week. Cuz I’m a dork like that.
5. Cupcakes and Daisies Thelma makes amazing quilts. And she’s funny. I really like how she breaks down her steps and takes us through her thought process.

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  1. Thanks for the award, Jen. I'm really honored by this. You plane-flying experience sounds scary to me, but then I have never loved to fly.


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