Monday, May 9, 2011

What's New

I think I may be FMQ'd out. On Friday I just kinda sat in my sewing chair and stared at my machine. Oh man, I just don't want to do another feather! It's understandable, since I've been pushing these last two weeks. It's hard to tell myself that it's a journey, not a destination. It obviously is a destination: finished quilt on the couch. But it's a journey to some amazing FMQ skills. I did a few feathers but just couldn't put my heart into it. And I hate it when I have to force myself to quilt.

So I took the weekend off! Went to an Earth Festival with some friends (oh my, amazing food. I love vegetarian, sprouty, veggie tofu food. It's my fav) and then spent Mother's Day with my awesome mom. Seriously, she's the best. I also finally beat the Yeti on my Puzzle Quest 2 game, which I spent about 10 hours on this weekend. So yeah, I still felt productive!

Did you play in the Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Magazine Tour? How fun was that? I loved going to everyone's blogs and checking out thier block. I have the last issue and loved it! It's total quilt porn. Eye candy. Sigh. And yay, I won a copy of this issue! I won a copy from Heidi Pridemore at the Whimsical Works Studio. She designed the cute yellow ducky block. I think that would be so cute appliqued to a baby bath towel or a hand towel. What do you think?

Do you listen to quiltcasts? Those are quilt podcasts in Jen-speak. I listen to podcasts all day long while I work. I have these really cool wireless headphones that sync with my iPhone so I can leave my phone at my desk and make copies or pass out papers. It's hard to find good quiltcasts (even though there is a ton for knitters! What's up with that?!). Rhonda, from Quilter in the Gap has just started a quiltcast that seems very promising! For the first episode, she interviewed Lynne from Lily's Quilts. Go check it out and give her some feedback. We really need to support each other if there are going to be some great quiltcasts for us to listen to!

Rhonda is hosting a great giveaway too! I don't know about you, but I really need to make a quilt with Sunkissed before it's gone! Rhonda is working with 1Choice4Quilting and their Quilting Book Club to give you a 10 yards of Sunkissed fabric and the book Modern Basics by Amy Ellis. But hurry! Comments will be closed May 10 at midnight.


  1. I think you deserved to take a break from your FMQ project - if you ever start to feel like that, it's definitely time to step back. Hence why I have tons of other projects to keep me motivated :)

    Do you listen to Pat Sloan's quiltcast? I know there are some others out there - I don't have time to listen to them all, but Pat's a fav of mine :)

    Congrats on the win, I need to pick up volume #3 now...I use my volume #2 all the time for these block bees I've been doing!

  2. You're smart not to push yourself with the FMQing... it'll be there when you're ready!

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