Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Poor Baby

Oh, my poor, sweet baby. My poor baby has an owie.

I was free-motion quilting the other night when I realized I ran out of bobbin thread. I went to change it when I couldn't get my bobbin case out! I called my husband:

"Oh no, babe, help!"

He throws down his Xbox controller and runs to my sewing room, looking very worried.

"My sewing machine is broken!" I start making crying noises that mean I want him to fix it. We manage to get the bobbin case unstuck, then I spent 20 minutes explaining to him how it was broken.

"There's a little door that goes here that's gone."

"A door?"

"No, seriously, there's a little handle-something. It doesn't swing out like a door, well it kinda does. It's like a door handle. It opens the bobbin case. Wait, it's like a zipper! Yeah, a zipper tab. That's missing. Where did it go?" *looking around my desk for a mysterious zipper-door*

I have no clue how it broke or why. So I do a search for my local Bernina Repair and call them as soon as they open. A new part is $64. I put my big-girl panties on and take a deep breath. No problem. I already spend an arm and a leg on quilting anyway. It's time for my baby's second tune-up too. That's another $85. No problem. I was expecting it. Then she hits me with the big one:

My machine will be out for 2 weeks.

OMG. Now I'm really freaking out. And I try not to because I'm sitting in my cubicle at work next to 40 other people who are listening to me talk because it's totally not break time and I'm supposed to be working quietly instead I'm almost crying because some sweet girl tells me she's holding my sewing machine ransom for 2 weeks.

So now I can't finish my Valentine table-runner that was all quilted and just waiting for a binding to be sewn on. And I can't finish my Valentine hot pad for my electric tea kettle that I was in the middle of quilting. And I can't finish my Valentine mug rug. *pouts* I will have to spend Valentine's Day with no Valentine's quilts!

I may survive. I have some appliqué projects I can work on in the meantime. One thing that cheers me up is that Molly from Molly's Place is having a giveaway. You get a chance to win these darling Western fat quarters. Tell her Jen from The Quilty Home sent you and I get an extra entry! Molly is hosting her Boot Bash BOM right now. She just posted February's bock and it's darling! This is the only BOM that I am keeping up with so far!


  1. I'm sending my condolences. I feel for you. I was without my machine for 31 days...over Christmas! I barely made it, but I lived to tell the tale and sew again. Alas, it was a long 31 days. SO glad you have some applique projects to console you and I hope those 2 weeks fly by. I will be hoping over to Molly's place because I adore that fabric and need more for a project. Thanks so much and hang in there!

  2. I'm so sorry, Jen. Maybe another machine is needed down the road so you always have a backup.

    Hugs to you, BIG hugs.

  3. That's a bummer! I have 2 backup machines that I bought at garage sales in fear of something like this happening.

  4. I used to think that having more than 1 machine was something that made no sense. I now have a very small portable (purchased at Hancock Fabrics for under $100) and a couple other "specialty" machines. I have never regretted any of these purchases. Kristen had a very good suggestion for a backup machine! Doreen

  5. Having one's sewing machine out of commission is as bad having a non-working computer or no internet... I go stir-crazy... Hang in there... this too shall pass!

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  7. Oh, Jen sounds like your going to need a back up machine for sure. Reading all of the above comments has made me reconsider getting rid of my old machine.

  8. I'm sorry to hear about your sewing machine woes! I don't have a backup machine either and my sewing machine hasn't gone in for its tune up for two years now. Help, I just can't be away from it for that long!

  9. Sorry your machine is broken...but your story made me chuckle, very well written. Thanks for the smile this morning. MAYBE, just maybe, it will come back sooner...keep your fingers crossed!

  10. Sorry to hear your machine is sick. That's always when you are facing a deadline or have a great project going! Thanks for stopping by my blog. momloves2quilt

  11. NO FUN!! I'm so sorry Jen! Start looking at yard sales for a back up machine :) But your baby will be wonderful when it comes home, all clean and lint free!!!

    Can't wait to see your applique work over the next few weeks :) You could pre-cut projects as well!! I'm sure you'll find something to keep busy!


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