Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Lovely Gifts

I've been getting gifts in the mail! I sure do love coming home to check the mail every day!

My first gift is from Liz from Be Encouraged. She cleaned up her sewing room and purged some of her patterns and notions she wasn't using. Liz is such a sweetheart. Have you been to her blog? I love reading her posts; she really does encourage and uplift me with her writing. Well, she's so sweet that she sent a package to everyone who replied to her offer. And what a package! I got a 6.5 inch acrylic ruler (which I didn't have and have already used), patterns from Fig Tree Co, MH Designs, and a Schnibbles pattern! Yes, that's my first! I got a Fig Tree pincushion kit too! And (see, I told you Liz was a sweetheart) she slipped in a special surprise for me: 2 charm packs of Fresh Cottons by Moda. What an awesome surprise!

My other package was from Taryn from Repro Quilt Lover. I love getting handmade gifts! This is my first mini quilt, and I am absolutely in love with it! What an inspiration! This is the cutest thing ever, these mini 9-patches and teeny hand quilting and the binding is just perfect! See that quarter on the 9-patch?! Wow, Taryn, I really do treasure this quilt. I might have to stick it in my purse for a few weeks to carry it around with me before hanging it on my wall.

I'm such a lucky girl! I'm getting ready to win this giveaway at Pigtales and Quilts. Thearica does some awesome giveaways and lately she's been hosting some sponsored giveaways! Florine Johnson from Florine Johnson Designs and of Radical Rooster fame. Have you seen these Radical Roosters? They are amazing applique patterns. Florine is offering one of her Fabulous Boards to the winner. I really hope I win this! When you go over there, tell Thearica that Jen from The Quilty Home sent you and I get an extra entry!

Thank you so much Liz and Taryn. Your gifts are appreciated and treasured!


  1. That little nine patch quilt is adorable. The squares are so tiny yet so precise!

  2. Wow... you're on a roll winning great stuff lately! The mini quilt is fascinating... love it!

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