Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I've been Clubbin'

Book Clubbin that is!

I love quilting books. I love the magazines too. That's why I started reading quilter blogs: they were like magazine articles except more real and more interesting. I check huge stacks of books out from the library at once and just like to sit and page through them. Whenever I'm tired or cranky or not feeling well, I reach for my quilt books first.

But I don't have enough of them! So I signed up for Martingale Publishing's Book Club. On this plan I promise to buy 6 books in 1 year. After I fulfill that promise, I get a free book. And I get a free book for joining. Pretty cool!

I thought I got to pick my free book for signing. Then I received Creative Quilt Collection Volume Three from That Patchwork Place in the mail. How did this get sent to me? I wondered. I thought maybe the company shipped it out by mistake. After about the sixth pass through the paperwork, I finally found it: New Book club members receive Creative Quilt Collection Volume Three from That Patchwork Place.

Oh, ok. It's not the book I would have picked out, but it's a good book. It's a collection of patterns from such designers as Fig Tree Quilts, Me and My Sister Designs, Mimi Dietrich, Heather Mulder Peterson, and more. There are a few patterns I'd like to try in here, and the eye candy is fabulous! I'm not going to lie; I buy quilting books to look at the pictures!

I very excitedly took the Martingale catalogue to work with me and spent a fabulous lunch hour poring over the pages and highlighting books I want to purchase in the future. My first pick: The Civil War Sewing Circle by Kathleen Tracy. I totally love her designs! I can't wait!


  1. Sounds like fun...keep us posted as you get them!

  2. I love looking at books and magazines too. That looks like a very nice book to have.
    Happy Quilting and Decorating!

  3. You are not alone - I LOOOOOVE books! The local librarian sees me so often we are becoming friends. Pictures... gotta have them! I refuse to spend much time in cookbooks,even, if there aren't pictures to look at! Thanks for listing some of those quilters. I'm familiar with Fig Tree but not any of the others. I'll be on a new exploration now. :)

  4. I just received my copy in the mail today of Kathleen Tracey's new book. You will not be disappointed. It's a wonderful book. I want to make every pattern.


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