Friday, January 7, 2011

These Boots Were Made for Sewing

Happy Friday! Let's have a great weekend full of sewing!! Yay!

Have you been to Molly's Place yet? She has the cutest blog ever. She's a die-hard Texan girl who loves everything country! I was just over there listening to David Allen Coe and George Strait and studying her Boot Bash BOM. This BOM is the cutest thing I've ever seen. I was so excited to start this when Molly posted a teaser picture.

I can't wait to have a whole quilt of just cowboy boots! I think I'm going to skip the Month Embroideries (eg, I'm not going to stitch January or February onto the blocks). This is perfect for me. I LOVE shoes. And I LOVE cowboy boots.

Yes, I even decorate with cowboy boots! I have some great cowboy fabrics in my stash too. I was already planning on doing a cowboy boot quilt and bought all the fabric for it. Then I took the time to really study the pattern and decided I hated it. So the fabric has been sitting in my closet for two years now. How sad, huh? But this will be a fabulous quilt to use it on! The boots are so stylish!

I'm so never going to be a stager. I don't know how to take pictures of stacks of beautiful fabric. Is there a tutorial for that?!

Ok, I'm super excited now. I have Molly's blog playing country music on an open tab and now it's time to put the boot to the grind, so to speak. I'm off to make my first block, right after I post her button!


  1. Hey there "partner" you just roped me in!!!!
    I just copied it off--and I am going to do this "boot" thing--mainly cause--well 2 reasons--one I love cowboys--and second it is soooo different from all the other things out there--and me--I like different once in awhile anyways!!!!

  2. After seeing that you have jumped on the wagon, "my boot bash wagon" that is, I am thinking I will start a Flickr group. I am so excited to see what others do with my little blocks. Thanks, Jen for liking my blocks!

  3. OOO, you are going to have fun!! Can't wait to see everyone's boots!


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