Saturday, June 26, 2010

Packing and more packing

In 3 days we will move 500 miles away. Sigh. I love moving to new states, but I sure do hate the process! I've lived in California, Alaska and Nevada, and now we are moving back to California. Yesterday I finally packed all my quilting stuff. Normally, I find some time everyday to do a bit of quilting. These last two weeks I've been hoping to snag bits of quilting time but it's been Mission Impossible! The stack of boxes in our bedroom has grown so humongous, I knew I finally had to pack my quilting area, since it was getting swallowed by boxes. It was sad. I gave up all hope of finding any quilting time and instead dove into the mess armed with only cardboard boxes. Most of everything is going to my parents house with us, but I did pack 2 boxes of quilting magazines for storage that I decided I could live without for two months.

I realize I am insane about quilting, but my internal dialogue as I packed proves it:

"Oh, a Sunbonnet Sue book. I'll probably make a Sunbonnet Sue quilt while were living at my parents."

"Can't leave this "Quilt as Desired" book in storage, I'll quilt my "Floating Lillypads" quilt while I'm there too."

"Oh, look at this Miniature Quilts book. I should make a cute mini quilt while I'm at my parents."

"Can't leave this Baby Projects book in storage either. I'll probably start working on Christmas presents while I'm living at my parents."

I already have a quilting project that's due as a gift by the end of August. I like the project so much that I cut out enough pieces to make myself one too! That's two quilts already in the works while I'm at my parents house for two months.

Guess I'll be busy!

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  1. Welcome to blogging! As you get settled in I am sure we will see some of those projects come to life.


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