Friday, June 18, 2010

My Sewing Space

Had to clean the house yesterday and today for our apartment inspection. That was a big job! Normally, I'm a pretty clean person, but since we are moving 500 miles away in less than 2 weeks and we won't be moving to our own house, but to my parent's house, our apartment is cluttered and dis-arranged. Seems like I have to keep opening cupboards and closets and pulling crap out every single day. So last night and today we pulled everything together and waved our magic wands to make it look like a livable house again. Whew, I'm exhausted.

But my house is clean and I thought, what a great day to show off my sewing space! So here it is:

I was very lucky to find this roomy, "luxury" apartment. When I moved here, I had just gotten divorced and had to leave my house. I wanted to live someplace where I wouldn't feel angry and abandoned. This apartment is perfect. Very roomy and huge. I'm sad to be leaving it, but there's better things on the horizon :) Anyway, I have a built-in desk in the corner of my bedroom that I thought would make an excellent sewing space. All my quilting books and magazines are on the built-in bookshelf above, and I have two plastic chest-of-drawers beneath to hold things like graph, notebook, and tracing paper, patterns, different notions and such. I have to have my flexible light so I can see what I'm doing and I have to have my small desk fan blowing right on me, because quilting is hard work!

I love having my ironing board and iron hanging on the wall and out of my way. There's only standing room between the two desks, so I put my sewing machine on the huge desk that my fiance gave me.

I like having everything within reach, so I use tacks to hang all my rulers and scissors on a corkboard. I have another corkboard above that one, which used to be a design board, but since it's so high, I never use it. I have one Thank You card for the One Quilt I have actually completed and gifted. My rotary cutter mat hangs flat from a nail on the wall behind the desk. Beneath my desk and within reach of my sewing machine I keep a plastic rolling drawer thingy with all my thread, bobbins, and extra feet.

So that's it! A place for everything and proof that you don't need a ton of footage to have an awesome sewing space!

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  1. Sew jealous! I need to find a larger place just for all my sewing! good luck with the move, I cant wait to hear about the good things on the horizon!


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