Monday, March 12, 2012

Wow! Thanks Carrie!

I got the nicest surprise this weekend.  I knew I had won a prize for participating in February’s Schnibble Parade.  I thought I won a charm pack of Urban Cowgirl.  On Saturday I opened a package from Carrie Nelson, creator of Schnibble patterns.  Imagine my delight when I opened the package and instead found 3 layer cakes, 2 books, and a pack of fine-point pins. I was so surprised and delighted that (I won’t lie!) I danced around my kitchen and kept dashing outside to show my husband (Look babe! 2 books!!).  I was laughing and exclaiming over this package for the rest of the day. 

Stitches from the Schoolhouse by Renee Plains and All Time Favorite Scrap Quilts from That Patchwork Place

 Urban Cowgirl, Circa 1934 and Hello Luscious from Moda

And some Little House handmade, precision pins.  They are super sharp and very pretty :)

Thanks so much Carrie!  Your generosity is overwhelming and it touched my heart. 
If you’ve never put together a Schnibbles pattern before, you’re in for a real treat.  The directions are easy and made for speed piecing.  I love it when a pattern includes pressing directions so that every seam nestles together perfectly.  I didn’t get frustrated once.  It was so nice to just get lost in the piecing and let the pattern guide me.
So yes, I am now a Miss Rosie Quilt Co. fan.  Not just because of the gifts.  Or the Parade (which is so fun!) But because Carrie is a talented pattern writer and such a sweetheart!
Thanks so much Carrie J


  1. Wow!! Fabulous!! Congratulations!!!

  2. Congratulations! You sure made out like a bandit....


  3. Congratulations! What an awesome prize! I sure appreciate a well written pattern. It's so worth the cost of the pattern if all of the thinking has been done for me.

  4. Congratulations!! I would have been dancing too!! :) I will definitely look into these patterns... absolutely love it when the pattern is well written!!


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