Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thank Goodness it's FNSI!

Wow, August is flying!

I feel like I’m just running this month and not catching up on anything. I feel that way partly because of my massive Quilting To-Do List. The other part is the fact that our apartment lease is set to expire soon. It’s been a few weeks of: Let's buy a house. Let's stay in the apartment. Let's move to Timbuktoo. Let's live in an RV and travel. Let's become wine-making monks. Still going back and forth on that decision, and gathering paperwork, making budgets, and forecasting goals for each scenario is wearing us out.

That’s why I’m so happy that tomorrow is Friday Night Sew In! My husband already knows about this night. He already mentioned how bored he will be all by himself on Friday night. Sorry babe! My plan is to quilt some more feathers on my Rehab quilt. My goal for August is to quilt 50 feathers. So far I’ve done 1.

I haven’t been entirely derelict in my sewing though! I completed a Jewel in the Crown block:

This was really hard. I paper-pieced it. There were a lot of set-in seams that I didn’t think needed to be in the pattern. With a little bit of editing, those set-in seams could have been eliminated. But I was too pressed for time and did them anyway.

The second block this month requires the same. I decided to traditional-piece the second block, which will eliminate the set-in seams. I heard from other people who are doing this Block of the Month that the paper-pieced squares finish a little larger. I was trying to paper-piece the entire project, but I can’t take any more set-in seams this month!

I have more to show, but I’ll save those for later. In the meantime, go sign up for FNSI. We’ll have tons of fun!

Extraneous picture: My husband and I at Lake Tahoe. Isn't he handsome?

BTW, do you ever have to explain what FNSI is to people who don’t live on the internet? Example:

“Want to go to a bar on Friday night, Jen?”

“Can’t. I have plans. It’s FNSI.”

“What’s that?”

“Uh, a whole bunch of people on the internet stay home and sew. We are kind of sewing together but we are at our own homes.”

The next questions are always awkward: Do you know these people? Do you work on the same thing? Do you video chat? What’s the point? You would rather stay home to sew than hang out with me?


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