Monday, August 22, 2011

Cowboy Boots and a Quilty Husband

I’ve been catching up on my Boot Bash BOM blocks this month. And I still haven't found my camera, so these are taken with my iphone. Sorry!

This is my least favorite. It’s just kinda boring compared to my other boots. I did a raw-edge appliqué in the hope that it would fuzz after I wash it. Give the block a little texture.

I’m loving this one. I found a good size zig-zag stitch that I was very comfortable with. Not too small that my shoulders ache and not too big that looks like a kindergartener did it. I love the cactus too.

This little cutie is one of my favorites. I was worried that it looked flat, so I put some batting in it. It made such a difference! I had a blonde moment with the spur. I cut it out and it was the size of a softball. LOL. My husband came to the rescue and fixed it for me. He’s more artsy than he thinks, and has infinite patience with my quilting.

This is why my husband is amazing about quilting:

1. He listens as I drone on and on about my tension, paper-piecing vs traditional, modern vs traditional, why I think a pink fabric would look better than a purple one here, or bias edges.

2. He helps me sandwich my quilts. When I say my whole body is sore from sandwiching a few quilts, he says “I know honey. That is hard work. Of course you’re sore. Why don’t you relax tonight and take it easy?”

3. When I ask him his opinion about my color choices he seriously considers and gives me good feedback. He has a great eye for design and is much better than I at choosing a layout.

4.He will drive across town to take me to a quilt shop. It doesn’t matter if I buy anything or not. When I do spend an obscene amount of money on fabric he says: “You deserve it, baby.” When we drive around and he passes a fabric or quilt shop he asks if I want to go in.

5.He is very good about keeping himself busy when I sew. He actually LOVES it that I have a hobby of my own. He hardly ever whines that I sew too much.

6.He doesn’t complain when I take forever looking at quilts at a quilt show or antique store. Even if I walk through the quilt show 3 times, which I’ve been known to do.

7.He calls my fabric “Stash.” Once I showed him a picture of an awesome fabric storage closet and he said “Wow, look at that stash!” He walked in to my sewing room the other night and said “Who dumped all this stash?” He’s funny like that.

Yup, I’m a lucky girl!


  1. Love those cowboy boots... and I think you hit the jackpot in the husband lottery!

  2. Love the cowboy boots. In my younger (LOL) days I did a little boot scooting, brings back wonderful memories. Does your husband have a brother ???? (ha)Sounds like you found a keeper

  3. aawww...cute picture!! The boots are coming along, congrats! How about a big white button on the pull strap on the first one? Just a thought....

  4. He sounds like a keeper!! Just don't neglect him too much. Cute boots too = )

  5. Way to go on those cute boots! I had enough of boots when I lived in TX for 10 hot, hot, did I say hot? years. Even some doctors wore boots in surgery. I kid you not!

    My hubby calls himself Conan the Seam Ripper and has removed errant stitches for me in several quilts. We are both lucky to have such helpful and understanding sweeties!


  6. Very cute boots! And what a blessing to have a husband who is supportive of your hobby! My husband is the same; he listens and looks at fabric purchases, examines finishes, praises my abilities.


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