Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday Night Sew In results

I haven't had a night like that in a long time! It sure felt great to be in my own sewing room surrounded by my things with plenty of room and no interruptions! Let me show you what I worked on!

I put this on my design wall. It's Charming Squares from Moda Bake Shop, recipe by Stephanie of Little Lady Patchwork. I made it in Bliss. And since I'm looking for a lap quilt, I decided to make it from 2 charm packs instead of 3. It's going to be my cubicle quilt. I think it will really liven up my workspace!

Here's my cute little bunting! This will go in my cubicle too. My poor cubicle is industrial blue and one of the most boring and depressing places you've ever seen. But it won't be when I'm done with it! I used the triangles scraps I cut from my lap quilt and just sewed them straight on a ribbon I found. No hemming or turning or planning, just plucking and sewing! Then I really took the easy route and glued buttons on! I wish I had some colorful buttons, but all I had were white and clear. They're still very sweet though!

I was thinking of leaving the quilt on the design wall and the bunting on my wall until after Thanksgiving. That way, my mom and my best friend can see for the first time my creative process. Yeah, I'm hoping they'll have fun moving my squares around and decide they want to quilt with me!

I also worked on my Autumn wallhanging. This pattern is a free pattern from Sandy Gervais. I got it during the Fall-O-Ween Blog Hop. I changed it around a bit (of course!). I stitched Happy Autumn on the top and bottom (even though it looks like Hoppy). Still need to stitch down the binding and put a cute little orange bow on the stem of the pumpkin. Then it will be ready to hang for Thanksgiving!

I free-motion quilted swirls around it. It's not too impressive, but it was practice!

It sure was fabulous to block out some ME time! I drank my bottle of wine, watched Bones and House and just sewed!


  1. What a wonderful quilt that is going to your autumn quilt as well.

  2. love those projects!!! the bliss quilt is VERY cute!!!

  3. Gorgeous quilt - can see you had a good Sewing night - and a winner too!

    I've been looking around while here, you sure have some fun.


  4. Beautiful quilts! The quilting on your fall wall hanging is great!♥

  5. I love the Bliss quilt. I want to do that pattern too but am thinking of doing it in Dream On. GREAT JOB!! Hope you enjoyed that wine!

  6. OOO love the bliss project! And I'm a huge fan of autumn and love your pumpkin!!

  7. I love bunting in general but yours is super cute!


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