Monday, January 30, 2012

NewFO In, OldFO Finished!


Have you heard of the 2012 NewFO project?  Barbara at Cat Patches realized that she doesn’t have enough UFOs, so her challenge is to start a NewUFO every month.  Sounds good to me!

My NewFO for January is this cute snowman stitchery pillow (I won this pillow from Cathy at Big Lake Quilter.  I worked on it on our Hawaiian vacation.  I tried embroidery last year and wasn’t good at it.  So I tried it again this year.  Ta-dah! All better! 
Haha.  Okay, I googled the Back Stitch.  It looks so much nicer and it’s super easy to do.  I still have to learn how to make a French Knot.  This pattern called for a piece of muslin behind the white fabric, but I used Kona white because that’s what I had.  You stitch through both pieces of fabric.  It’s so soft and plush!  Sweet trick to make your embroidery look so much better!

Today is Talk to Me Tuesday, so check out my video.  I show off my Christmas Quilt that I finally FINISHED! I show some close-ups of the quilting.  Forgive my voice, I've been nasally and congested all weekend :(
(I think you have to come to the blog to watch the video)

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  1. Your snowman stitching is so cute!!

  2. This is a great video. I love that you did so much quilting without marking.
    Lillian @

  3. Great finish! Love all the quilting details.

  4. I have that same embroidery pattern although, I'm not as far along as you are. I'll be trying to get mine done soon!

    Like the idea of a new ufo every month!

  5. Now that is adorable. I love snowmen. Thanks for joining in.

  6. I just love the snowmen stitcheries around right now. Yours is adorable!

  7. Now that's funny--a challenge to start UFOs. I need to join in on that. I'm an expert at starting.

  8. Applause, applause!! Your "And To All A Good Night" quilt is wonderful and you did a beautiful job of quilting it!

    I had to chuckle at the idea of having too few UFOS, too! I have plenty of UFOs.


  9. Love, love your redwork snow people decorating the tree!


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