Sunday, September 26, 2010


What's this I read?

Is that my name? Does that say Jen from The Quilty Home?!

Oh my God, it is! It is! It is!

I won! I won! I won!

No, not the lottery! Better than that! I won an Accuquilt GO! Cutter! Yay! Karen from Log Cabin Quilter is now my most favorite person in the world. Yup, she has surpassed Santa Clause. Wow.

So now comes the hard part, picking out three dies to GO! with my awesome GO!

I'm definietley going with the Dresden plates. The other two I keep waffling on. I love little piece quilts, so the Winding Ways die and the Double Wedding Ring die are catching my eye. But I really love what I've seen with the Rob Peter to Pay Paul die. Wait, what's over here in the Applique section? Christmas trees and snowflakes? I live for Christmas trees and snowflakes! But I don't have any pumpkins or maple leaves for Fall.

The 2.5 inch strip was originally a definite number 2. But then I thought of my strip cutting ruler (which I totally love and use all the time). It's not really that hard for me to cut strips, so after thinking about it for six hours, I decided not to get it. But I might change my mind. Maybe. Maybe not.



  1. You are more than just a bit excited!

  2. that's a great fun and I am glad you won a Go!

  3. Congratulations you lucky thing! :)


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